Tonka Easter Basket

Tonka Easter Basket
They say that the only survivors of armageddon will be cockroaches and Tonka trucks. I don’t know how true that is, but here’s a softer introduction to the Tonka world for younger kids: a plush Tonka Easter Basket! Shaped like a truck, this fantastic basket contains:

  • Hot Wheels Coloring Kit Car
  • A Lego figure
  • A Springtime Leap Tag book (compatible with Leap Tag Pen — sold separately, but completely optional)
  • A Jelly Belly Bubbles
  • Silly Putty
  • A yo-yo that comes back every time
  • A pig or cow key chain with a light and sound effects
  • A toy pull-back Car filled with candy
  • A tackle box full of fishy gummy candies.

Imagine the fun they’ll have with this basket, even when it’s empty!

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