Sending Easter Baskets

Easter Basket To SendMaking kids’ Easter baskets is fun! On this site, we’ve given tips for everything from making your own basket, to suggestions for what to put into it. But often it is more practical to just buy a ready-made basket and have it delivered. For example:

  • You’re working long hours, and simply haven’t got the time to put a basket together.
  • You want to send an Easter basket to a grandchild, niece or nephew living far away.
  • Your local shops don’t have a great selection to choose from.

Whatever your reason, you can now order kids’ Easter baskets online in a matter of minutes, and have them delivered to someone special in days, usually with a personalized message. Nowadays, there are many themes available, so you’re bound to find something suitable, regardless of the age or interests of the child. Like all with all online purchases, do keep the following in mind:

  • Buy from reputable on-line retailers. For example, all baskets reviewed on this site have links that allow you to buy the product via, so you can be sure that there is a trusted name protecting your purchases.
  • Check the shipping rates, terms and conditions before ordering. Make sure that you’ve allowed enough time for delivery, and that you’ve budgetted for any shipping costs if any.
  • Is the product available for delivery in your area? If you live outside the US, particularly with food products, there may be restrictions on some deliveries.
  • Check for deals. Sometimes, if you’re thinking of buying several products around the same time, see if you can purchase them all from the same Web site. They may offer some special deal if they’re ordered at the same time, such as reduced shipping.
  • Read customer reviews and ratings if available. Although we review what we consider the best products here, don’t just take our word for it. Click the ‘Buy Now’ buttons to see if the product page on the retailer’s Web site has other reviews too. On Amazon, for example, they may show a small number of customer reviews on the product page, but also a link to all customer reviews, if available. If the good reviews and ratings outweigh the bad ones by a significant margin, then it’s probably a safe purchase!
  • See if there are any additional services available, like gift wrapping or personalized messages, for a nice finishing touch.

In truth, most of the well established retailers, such as, make the shopping experience as safe and painless as possible. If you order a popular, well reviewed product in plenty of time, you’ll most likely have a very happy child on Easter morning!

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