Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers

Easter Bunny EggsEaster baskets used to be so simple: just a few colored eggs and any child would be happy! Over time, the contents have evolved, and real eggs aren’t used so much any more. Nowadays, most kids Easter baskets are full of candy and other sweet treats.

Nobody really knows when this transition happened. Sweet pastry Easter Bunnies have been made for centuries, and Jelly Beans started making an appearance early in the 20th Century. In the 19th Century, chocolate eggs began to be manufactured: first solid chocolate, and later hollow chocolate eggs became popular.

In time, all sorts of candies started making their way into kids Easter baskets, and many parents worry that perhaps it has gone too far. But if you cut back on the sugary candy, what else can you put into their Easter basket? Quite a bit, as it turns out!

Musical Gifts

Music is a great gift for kids of all ages. Babies and toddlers love rattles and any toy that makes noise. For example, the My First Easter Basket has a few soft toys that rattle, crinkle and chirp. Older kids might prefer to learn an instrument, so a children’s harmonica is a great choice (not too big, not too expensive; perfect for an Easter basket). As they start to approach their teenage years, a gift card for iTunes is probably a better choice!

Arts and Crafts

All kids love to express themselves, and simple, timeless gifts are perfect for Easter baskets. Think of crayons and Easter-themed coloring books for example. Some popular crafts materials have also had an Easter makeover, like Easter Play-Doy, available in little plastic eggs! And for the really creative kids, why not buy a whole Creative Kids Easter Basket (don’t worry, it does have some candy in it too).

Toys and Puzzles

Some gifts capture kids’ imaginations so thoroughly that they don’t even realize they haven’t received as much candy as usual. It’s common enough to add a plush Easter Bunny (for example, My First Easter Bunny, or Ty Easter Basket Beanie Babies), but there are lots of other toys available that are perfectly sized for a kid’s Easter basket. Think about skipping ropes and kites. Or what about the world’s best-selling puzzle, the Rubik’s Cube? Anything small and relatively inexpensive is perfect!


Children love to read, and an Easter basket gives you the perfect opportunity to add to their collection of books. For very young children, we just love My Easter Basket and the True Story of Easter. It is a beautifully presented board book, with cut out pages that make up a facinating Easter basket. There are too many other great books to list here, so the best thing to do is go to and look at their range of kids Easter books.

Have Fun!

Once you start to think about it, it’s quite easy to fill up your kids’ Easter baskets with all sorts of gifts. With a little imagination, they won’t even mind having less candy! That’s not to say you shouldn’t include any delicious treats (everything in moderation is just fine!), but long after other kids have completely wiped out the contents of their baskets, your children could still be playing with their gifts!

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  1. I love these Easter gift basket ideas! Indeed there’s no need to fill the gift basket with lots of candy, a CD or a drawing set can make it!
    Great article!