Hershey’s vs Cadburys This Easter!

The Chocolate Wars Begin!

Hershey' s vs Cadbury
In North America, Hershey’s is undoubtedly the largest chocolate company there is. Strangely enough, in the UK, that honor goes to Cadbury! Both are available worldwide, but in the US, Hershey’s are actually licensed to make Cadbury chocolate bars for the nation. As a result, you can now enjoy and compare both from any Hershey’s store.

Cadbury do make other products directly for the US market, but let’s just stick with kids’ chocolate. Truthfully, if you were to offer me either brand, I’d be happy, but I do have a preference that’s shared with many devoted fans. For kids, milk chocolate is probably a better choice, as it’s lighter than dark chocolate, and doesn’t have them bouncing off the walls so much. Thankfully, both brands have milk chocolate offerings, so that’s narrowing down the contest a little.

However, when you taste both side by side, there can be only one clear winner: Cadburys! I don’t know why that is exactly: It just tastes smoother and lighter than Hershey’s (although to be fair, they taste pretty good too!). So do yourself and your kids a favor this Easter and look out for the Cadbury brand.

They also have a lot of Easter eggs too, especially mini-eggs (which are great for Easter egg hunts), but also everyone’s favorite Creme Eggs. In fact, there’s even a petition on Facebook for Cadbury Creme Eggs to be made the same size as the larger hollow eggs! I’m pretty sure that if they did do that, they’d probably be banned on health grounds. But hey, it’s Easter, it’s chocolate, so let’s not talk about health here! 😉

So there you have it, perhaps a contentious opinion that is shared by poll after review, but it’s ok if you don’t agree. Just let us know your favorite in the comments below!

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