Branded Easter Baskets

Kids Easter Baskets from their Favorite Characters!

Branded Easter Eggs
It seems like every holiday is swamped with branded products, and Easter is no different. Everywhere you look there are Spongebob Easter eggs, and Dora the Explorer Easter baskets. Many parents, myself included, wonder if it’s gone too far, but actually, it doesn’t have to be so bad! Let’s look at some of the positives:

  • If you’re feeling sneaky, have a look out for empty branded baskets. This Elmo Easter basket is a great example. They’ll be so happy to get their hands on their hero, they won’t notice that you’ve filled it up with healthy snacks!
  • You may be worried about your kids getting too many sugary snacks at Easter. Well, some of the branded Easter baskets (like this Dora The Explorer Easter Basket) actually don’t have anything edible! It’s just got some toys and activities, but because it’s Dora, that’s enough to keep the little ones happy!
  • For older kids, when they start to approach that age, you know what they’ll be like if they don’t get something they like. Hey, give yourself a break. Get them something like a Hannah Montana Easter Basket. Is it healthy? Probably not. Will it make them more popular? Maybe. Will it make your Easter a little easier? Almost certainly!

So you see, branded Easter baskets aren’t all bad! Just look at them with the right mindset, and look forward to a peaceful Easter!

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