Baby’s First Easter Basket

Baby's First Easter BasketDuring your baby’s first year, every event is special. Their first smile, their first words, the first time they sit up, their first Christmas, and of course, their first Easter.

People often wonder if there’s any point in getting an Easter basket for a young baby. True, they won’t remember it, and neither are they likely to care. But be honest: if you’ve got a new baby, grandchild, niece, nephew, or even if a good friend has one, you’ll probably want to spoil them!

There are other reasons why you should consider an Easter basket for baby too. If you’ve got older children, they may be upset if the Easter Bunny forgets about their baby brother or sister. Also, if there are colorful delights around the house that day, you mightn’t want them to feel left out. Finally, you’ll probably want a few photos of their first Easter, and it would be nice if they had some Easter themed gifts surrounding them!

What should you include?

What you include in baby’s Easter basket can vary from the fun to the practical. If it’s not for your child, you might also include something something for mommy and daddy. For example, and Easter egg with baby’s name on it looks great for photos, and is perfectly acceptable. Of course, you probably won’t expect the child to eat chocolate, but there’ll be plenty of people to help out with that!

However, you should always make sure baby has something too. Practical items could include:

  • Teething toys
  • Clothes
  • Baby food
  • Bibs (here’s a cute Elmo Easter bib!)
  • Soft blanket

Fun items can include:

And if you’re still stuck for ideas, just get a ready-made My First Easter Basket, which includes some lovely Easter themed toys!

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  1. Baby’s first East is soooo special. These are great ideas for what to put in that first basket. Spending a little extra and buying a great basket – then you can use it again and again!