Easter Activity Ideas

Kids and adults alike just love Easter, but what if you just can’t think of any family activities to do? Fear not, for here is a list of Easter activities the whole family can enjoy!

Easter Bunny CostumeGet the Easter Bunny to Visit!

That’s right, while daddy goes out for a few minutes, the Easter Bunny pops in to say hello! If you really want your kids and their friends to have Easter memories they’ll never forget, just get an Easter Bunny costume, and bring in a basket of eggs for the children. Younger children are usually awe-struck at the sight of Peter Cottontail, and will be talking about it for weeks afterwards!

My two kids seemed very shy when they first met the Easter Bunny, but as soon as he turned to go, they kept on following him. The whole adventure led to a wonderful Easter egg hunt, with the eggs being hidden by the Easter Bunny in person. Of course, when daddy did return from his errands, he had missed all the fun, but the kids had great excitement telling him all about it!

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Easter Egg Hunt

One of the most enduring traditions at Easter is the Easter egg hunt, where colored, chocolate or plastic eggs are hidden, and the children have to find them. It actually evolved from several old customs, but the fun that kids have during has remained the same throughout the centuries. Rules can be adapted to give all kids a fair chance, regardless of age, and with care, even the youngest, least competive child will go home with a smile… and of course a basket of eggs!

If you’re interested in organising your own Easter egg hunt, for your kids and their friends, it can be a wonderfully social occassion for several families to come together. Check out our own guide to organising an Easter Egg hunt!

Coloring Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter eggs is another old tradition, and the very first Easter Bunny (or, strictly, Easter Hare) used to lay colored hard-boiled eggs for children who were good. The tradition comes to us from many sources, some not related to Easter at all, but it’s so easy to do that children of all ages will enjoy it! Once the eggs are hard boiled, provided they’re not damaged, they can be decorated in lots of ways. Perhaps giving each egg its own color will be enough. Others might go for a marbled effect. And after all that, they can be decorated with glitter, paints, markers and googly eyes to make them really personal!

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