Ultimate Spongebob Easter Basket

Ultimate Spongebob Easter Basket
Here is a Spongebob Squarepants Easter Basket that’s literally bursting with fun! The basket itself is beautifully designed in the shape of Spongebob, which will surely delight any child that sees it. And boy, when you look inside, just look at all the treats you’ll get:

  • Spongebob 6 books in 1 Best Days Book
  • Fisher Price Spongebob Doodle Pro
  • Sponge-tastic Dry erase board
  • Marker by number – Spongebob theme
  • Spongebob 5 pc stationary set
  • Kids Spongebob 28 pc dominoes set
  • Spongebob Magic Towel
  • Spongebob socks
  • Spongebob sticker roll
  • Spongebob kooky pen
  • Spongebob magnetic list pad
  • Spongebob activity coloring book
  • Spongebob Epoxy Stickers (36 pc)
  • Spongebob charm necklace
  • Spongebob mini foam 8″ football
  • Spongebob assignment pad
  • 6 Spongebob pencils
  • 3 packs of Spongebob silly bands
  • Spongebob bubble pen with stamper
  • 6 Spongebob Markers
  • 3 Spongebob clip pens with rope
  • Spongebob Beanie Ballz
  • 50 sheet Spongebob mini spiral
  • Spongebob sunglasses

Ultimate Spongebob Squarepants Basket Contents

This has to be the ultimate Easter Basket for any Spongebob fan.

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