Disney Princess Easter Basket

Disney Princess Easter Basket
Nobody does princesses better than Disney, so what better theme for a Princess Easter Basket? Presented in a beautiful floral treasure box, any young girl will be full of excitement waiting to open it to see what’s inside. And what a surprise they’ll get! The Disney Princess treasures include:

  • Princess hair brush and mirror set
  • Set of pony tail holders
  • Set of Princess hair claws
  • A Princess bag to store all the accessories
  • Colored pencils with a storage tin to satisfy the sweet cravings
  • Teddy bear

It also includes some fun Easter activities:

  • Princess puzzle
  • 24 pc art set
  • Spiral 5×5 notebook

And of course, every princess needs some Easter candy!

  • M and M cookies
  • Skittles
  • Princess fruit snack

Wishing you and your Princess a very happy Easter!

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