The Easter Egg, by Jan Brett

The Easter Egg, by Jan Brett
Hoppi is a young rabbit living in the woods, who wants to decorate an egg as beautifully as the older rabbits. The stakes are high: to be chosen to help the Easter Bunny!

But he soon realizes that he has to make an egg that’s just right for him, rather than copying the eggs other bunnies are making. Then things take an unexpected turn when he selflessly sits on a fallen robin’s egg, so that mother robin can look after the remaining eggs in her nest. This act of kindness doesn’t go unnoticed by someone very special…

If you’re familiar with Jan Brett’s books, you’ll know just how delightful they are, and this is no exception. Full of detailed illustrations, and a charming story, it will keep your children entertained for hours. It also has the makings of a great collectable book.

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