Steiff Clover Easter Rabbit

A future collectors’ item?

Steiff Clover Easter Rabbit
Margarete Steiff once said: “Only the best is good enough for our children”. The toy company she started in the 19th Century has rigorously stuck to that philosophy. Steiff animals use only the finest materials, and are made to the most exacting standards.

Clover, the Easter Rabbit, is no exception, and carries on that tradition. Made from pale green mohair, with paws and ears of Belleseime ultrasuede, it is reminiscent of classic Steiff bunnies from the early 20th Century. Many details have been painstakingly airbrushed in, and he has a jointed, positionable neck.

And what about the detailed wicker basket that he holds? Inside is an adorable tiny chick made from alpaca fleece. Toys of this pedigree don’t come around very often, so as well as being a generous gift to a child, it is likely going to be a collector’s item in time.

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