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0 days left until Easter 2014

When is Easter 2014? Sunday 20th April!

Easter Sunday falls on April 20th, 2014, and many kids are looking forward to seeing what the Easter Bunny brings them! Read more about Early Easter dates here.

Kids’ Easter Baskets are a big part of the magic and excitement surrounding Easter, and we set this site up to help other parents find the perfect basket and gifts for their children.

So have a look around, learn all about Easter Baskets, where they came from, and where you can get them!

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One Direction Easter Basket

One Direction fans are in for a treat this Easter!
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Star Wars Supreme Easter Basket

Star Wars Supreme Easter Basket

A fantastic collection of Star Wars fun this Easter!
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Justin Bieber Premium Easter Basket

Justin Bieber Premium Easter Basket

For the ultimate Justin Bieber fan, only the ultimate Justin Bieber Easter basket will do!
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Spongebob Easter Barrell

Spongebob Fun Easter Basket

A fun Easter basket for all you Spongebob fans out there!
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Spongebob Supreme Basket

A different type of Easter basket, courtesy of everyone’s favorite sea critter, Spongebob Squarepants!
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